Микросхемы ПЛИС семейства Spartan-3A

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Микросхемы ПЛИС семейства Spartan-3A

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Data Sheets

DS706 - Extended Spartan-3A Family Overview / Расширенный обзор семейства Spartan-3A ( ver1.1, 187 KB )

This document introduces the Extended Spartan®-3A family of FPGAs. It provides features, a device summary, functional overview, packaging options, and ordering information for the device family.

DS529 -  Spartan-3A FPGA Family Data Sheet ( ver2.0, 5937 KB )

Spartan®-3A FPGA Family Data Sheet, including Overview, Specifications, and Pinouts. See the Spartan-3 Generation User Guides for additional information.

Extended Spartan-3A Family CLKFX Jitter Calculator ( ver1.0.6, 8 KB )  [ZIP]

Excel file to calculate DFS output jitter based on input and output clock frequencies. Applies to Spartan®-3A, Spartan-3AN, and Spartan-3A DSP platforms.

Extended Spartan-3A Family ASCII Pinouts and Excel Footprints ( ver1.3, 417 KB )  [ZIP]

Comma-delimited ASCII text files and Excel footprints for each package type in the Extended Spartan®-3A Family (Spartan-3A, Spartan-3AN, and Spartan-3A DSP platforms).


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